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In this service area of the University the students and staff members can retrieve personal information and send communications and requests to the General Secretary.

Some applications need an authorization, that is granted when you log in with your personal account (1).

  • The icon states that you're not allowed to use the application.
  • The icon states that you cannot use the application outside the Campus.
  • The states that you would be allowed, but your password is too weak (2).

Authentication is mandatory only for applications identified by the lock. Of course, only applications assigned to your own role will be available.

This site is a "self-service" area, continuously expanding and improving.

(1) The account ("personal login credentials") is issued by the General Secretary. The account has to be activated, that is, you must choose your personal password.
To activate your account, log into the site (without entering password) and follow the suggested steps. For other ways of access visit the CeSIT site.

(2) A "strong" password has to be at least 8 characters long and must contain numbers and alphabetical characters.
You may change your password either in this site, or on any PC named "NETWALK" or aggregated to the "UNISAL" domain:
log on the computer, then press Ctrl-Alt-Del and click "Change password".


The data sent by means of the applications will be checked by the General Secretary before they are made available.

This site is compatible with the most widely used browsers. You're advised to use Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome.

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